Our team

Benjamin Ma


Benjamin Ma,

Senior product manager,

Located in LA, USA.

20 years working experience in digital audio, gaming accessories.

Successfully designed and launched ipod/iphone speaker iFusion and IP22, joint ASTRO team and worked for professional gaming audio.

Xiao Ping


Xiao Ping,

Senior Audio expert,

Located in Shenzhen, China.

30 years speaker driver design experience.

Designed products have been used by Sony, JBL, Jabra etc.

Allen Ho


Allen Ho,

Senior electronics engineer,

Located in Shenzhen, China.

10 years working experience in Bluetooth.



Developing the iPAIR

This spring, Benjamin was in a business trip, selling a new Bluetooth speaker iFree. In the evening while he was at the hotel, he took out his computer and listened to a live concert with a prototype Bluetooth speaker. Although the speaker sounded good, but it’s just lack of atmosphere. He thought for a while, found the sound was emitted from a single point, with no live stage wide and deep, monotonously. He missed the comfort feeling of enjoying concert with his favorite bookshelf speakers at home. Suddenly, an idea came into his mind. What if he could create something and let people who was making a business trip also enjoy the immersive stereo sound and feel personally on the scene?

With this issue, he contacted his old friends Xiao Ping and Allen Ho, who were working together to develop iFree, a waterproof speaker. They discuss the possibility of directly link two iFree wirelessly to achieve true stereo.

Later, Allen began to adjust the Bluetooth of iFree, and re-write the circuit program and software.



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